IL Top Docs Proudly Presents December 2019 Approved Providers

IL Top Docs Proudly Presents December 2019 Approved Providers

IL Top Docs and IL Top Dentists are proud to present the following recently reviewed and approved providers for December 2019.

IL Top Docs Include:


  • Dr. Robert Braastad
  • Dr. Andrea Brasch
  • Dr. David S. Bromet
  • Dr. Leslie A. Brookfield

ENT (Otolaryngology)

  • Dr. Jeffrey P. Schonberg

Family Practice

  • Dr. Cristina S. Brotea


  • Dr. Monica Borkar
  • Dr. Christopher Boutin
  • Dr. Brad Bowyer
  • Dr. Michael D. Brown
  • Dr. Keith Bruninga

General Surgery

  • Dr. Ruben Boyajian

Internal Medicine

  • Dr. Ronald Bosh
  • Dr. Loveena Bouri
  • Dr. Philip Branshaw
  • Dr. Jeffrey Brasky
  • Dr. Scott Braunlich
  • Dr. Timothy Bresnahan
  • Dr. Tracy Brito
  • Dr. Richard Buchman


  • Dr. Naila Ahmed
  • Dr. Mineet Brahmbhatt

Neurological Surgery

  • Dr. Jerrel H. Boyer


  • Dr. Deslyn S. Browne
  • Dr. Carl A. Buccellato

Orthopedic Surgery

  • Dr. James B. Boscardin
  • Dr. James Bresch
  • Dr. Marc Breslow


  • Dr. Diana Bottari
  • Dr. Reginald Bowman
  • Dr. Charles Braverman
  • Dr. Tamara Buckles
  • Dr. Alma Buckner

Plastic / Cosmetic Surgery

  • Dr. Clark Schierle


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