IL Top Docs Proudly Presents January 2019 Approved Providers

IL Top Docs is proud to present the following recently reviewed and approved providers for January 2019.

January 2019

IL Top Docs Include:


  • Dr. John Blair

ENT (Otolaryngology)

  • Dr. Fuad Baroody

Family Practice

  • Dr. Jagan Bokka
  • Dr. Hina Durani
  • Dr. Richard Ferolo

General Surgery

  • Dr. William Asihene


  • Dr. Summer B. Dewdney

Internal Medicine

  • Dr. David Fox

Neurological Surgery

  • Dr. Harel Deutsch


  • Dr. Luis E. Zayas


  • Dr. John Pollack

Orthopedic Oncologist

  • Dr. John Anthony Dustman

Orthopedic Surgery

  • Dr. Robert Bane
  • Dr. Taizoon Baxamusa
  • Dr. Michael Chioffe
  • Dr. Michael Durkin


  • Dr. Reshma D. Ajmere
  • Dr. Gabriel Aljadeff
  • Dr. Andrew Bernstein
  • Dr. Michael Boettcher
  • Dr. Roma Franzia
  • Dr. Mary Jo Gawronski
  • Dr. Julie H. Goynshor

Pulmonology / Critical Care

  • Dr. John Burr

Surgical Oncology

  • Dr. Gerard Abood